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So here’s the inside scoop on the cookbook.  BONE-A-FIED DELICIOUS, Recipes from Zinnia’s Finest Chefs is a collection of recipes and commentary compiled by 13 cookbook “directors.” Assuming the voice of characters from the Sarah Booth Delaney Mississippi Delta Mystery series (the Bones books), the cookbook directors comment on recipes, life, relationships, sex, and each other. The comments range for serious, to humorous, to ribald—and the recipes cover the gamut of fabulous to so-sinful-and-delicious-you-will-die-happy.

Recipes were collected from across the globe, many of them family favorites –some never before shared with anyone. Let me just say when Sarah Booth Delaney and Tinkie Bellcase Richmond want a recipe—they know exactly how to get it.

Although I oversaw the entire project, I had plenty of help. Despite computer issues, Kathy Bergold amassed and organized the recipes, wrote Harold Erkwell’s comments (she thinks he’s the one for Sarah Booth) and helped with the index.

DeWitt Lobrano helped edit and find missing ingredients. Hey, we had to retype every single recipe to fit the format, and that was not an easy task.  My assistant formatted the cookbook, as well as provide the illustrations contained in each section.

Mimi Bosarge took on the job of being the liaison between cookbook central at my house and the printer, Morris Cookbooks. Mimi had worked with them on another project and said they were wonderful. She didn’t lie. As well as comment as Doc Sawyer, Mimi handled production details and figured out how we could include the character comments which are so much a part of the unique aspect of this cookbook.

My neighbor, Stephanie Ryan, formatted the index and the cover. We were down to the wire and I despaired I would ever finish because I didn’t have the required skills. Stephanie rode up on her white horse (literally, except her horse is a chestnut) and made it happen. Stephanie is a graphic designer, among other things, and if you need a book cover I give her the highest recommendations. Email her at

And now to the beautiful cover. This was a gift from the talented Franziska Franke of Dresden, Germany. How I was lucky enough to form a friendship with Franziska falls under the category of “under angel management.” She’s painted several images of Jitty, and surprised me with this gorgeous cover. Thank you. If you’d like to see more of her artwork, go to

The cookbook directors and the characters they portray are:

P. Karsan Bhakta—Jitty
An’gel Ducote Molpus—Sheriff Coleman Peters
Holly Price—Graf Milieu
Sandy Smith—Millie Roberts
Amanda Gibson—Tinkie Bellcase Richmond
Wanda Riley Williams—Oscar Richmond
Carol Robbins—Cece Dee Falcon
Terri Billingsley Dunn—Hamilton Garrett V
Kathy Bergold—Harold Erkwell
K.S. Daniels—Scott Hampton
Gail Bonneau—Madam Tomeeka aka Tammy Odom
Mimi Bosarge—Doc Sawyer
Hope Harrington Oakes—Sarah Booth Delaney

There are over 700 recipes in the book, including one for Tomato Gravy (highly sought after recipe), Funeral Potatoes (because you always want good etiquette at a funeral) and Sarah Booth Delaney’s secret fruitcake recipe that won Harold’s heart.

It is a big book. 2½ pounds! About what I gained just reading the recipes. It’s so much more than a cookbook because all of these people put their creativity and joy into making it. It’s fun to read as well as cook from.

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