December 8, 2012

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This book involves members of the same family as in SUMMER OF THE REDEEMERS, the McVay family. But it’s set in 1926 in the same community of Jexville.

I wanted to write about the bond of love between a mother and daughter—a bond that is stronger than anything else. My mother and grandmother shared such a bond, as I did with my mother.

Johanna McVay is a woman who excites fear and anger in Jexville. She is out-spoken and some say outrageous. When her nine-year-old daughter, Duncan, is struck by lightning while dancing—a pastime frowned upon by the religious elements of the town—some say the uppity family got what it deserved. Duncan survives, but she is changed forever. She now has the ability to prophesy the future, but only in a limited aspect.

When a terrible injustice is committed in the town, Johanna will not leave it alone. She has befriended a young woman, Mattie, who is a mail order bride to the town barber, a brutal man.

Mattie narrates the story, and ultimately has the final say in bringing justice for sins long buried.