Your Library Card Is Powerful

on September 27, 2022


Dear Readers,

This has been an incredibly busy year for the tiny forces of KaliOka Press. Priya has worked her fingers to the bone (as Aunt Loulane would say.) We have published all three books of The Jexville Chronicles: SUMMER OF THE REDEEMERS, TOUCHED, and JUDAS BURNING. In addition, this year will see the publication of two Sarah Booth books–LADY OF BONES (this past June) and BONES OF HOLLY, coming in two weeks. As a special treat we’re also bringing SKIN DANCER out in hardcover in December.

Here’s a photo of the winners of the BONES OF HOLLY pinecone contest I hosted in last month’s newsletter. Renae, Donna, and Marissa were gracious enough to send selfies with their prizes. Hope you’re enjoying the book, ladies.

Check out the gorgeous covers of JUDAS BURNING and BONES OF HOLLY. Two very different types of stories, but I hope both are satisfying mysteries.

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month. Remember – you can request your local public library to order any of the hardcovers in The Jexville Chronicles for you to borrow with your library card. Every borrow directly benefits the Good Fortune Farm Refuge – which helps rescue animals receive loving homes and medical treatment. Remember to ask your library to get the correct (2022) edition of these books which features the new covers. These books are the “fundraiser books”. I’ve listed these new editions with Ingram, so that makes it possible for libraries (and bookstores) to order. Many libraries let you make ‘purchase suggestions’ on their website but if you have a smaller library, you may have to ask the circulation desk. Libraries are happy to help their patrons, so don’t be shy about requesting any book by any author for them to bring in for you to check out.

Nikkita Bhakta designed all three covers of The Jexville Chronicles.

If your library agrees to acquire any of the Jexville books, I have got to know! So shoot me a message at – I’m excited to bring more attention to my animal rescue nonprofit organization. Your library card can help make a difference to so many animals.

OR if you’re interested in supporting your local independent bookstore, they can order the book for you! Click on this:

Busy, busy bee!

I do have some public appearances set up.

October 14, 6:30 p.m. I will be at The Haunted Book Shop during Art Walk. Stop by the new location and meet Angela Quarles, author and bookstore owner, and chat with a bunch of readers and book lovers. Then you can stroll around downtown and see artists, jewelry makers, and so much more. I’m thrilled to say I’ll be signing books there with my friend and fab writer, Dean (Miranda) James. Dean has a great cat in his series set about a crime-solving librarian. Diesel is terrific! But Dean is also a real life rescuer. When he came to visit me several years back, he took two homeless kittens. He took them even knowing they had ringworm and needed treatment. And he got it for them. Now they are fine, fat, healthy and doing everything in their power to keep him working hard!

October 25, 6:00 p.m. I will be at Page & Palette Bookstore in Fairhope, AL. I look forward to seeing some of my friends. These are the first book signings I’ve done in several years because of COVID, so come out and tell me some tall yarns.

I’ve been going to physical therapy—back and neck issues. Feeling better. I used to be so fit—step aerobics, tap dance, Jane Fonda, etc. It’s hard to believe how quickly muscles lose their elasticity and strength if you don’t use them. I remember so many of the “older” ladies in Lucedale who were friends with my grandmother and mother. My brother Andy and I cut grass for many of them; they were always so nice to us. I never heard them talk about aches and pains or anything like that. It left me with the impression that old age was going to be fun. Damn. I was tricked! When I was younger, I fought to stay fit—now I fight to stay mobile. How is that fair?

Eudora had a blood panel drawn. The cancer they removed turned out to be stage 3. So she’s been on a new medication for three weeks and we need to make sure all of her organs are not affected. So far, so good. She is such a trooper.

We had a brief taste of fall this month—it was 58° one night. But the last week, the temperatures have been almost 100°. Dang. That’s just too hot for late September.

I was honored to be named the Mississippi Library Association/Southeastern Library Association Fiction Author of the Year for INDEPENDENT BONES! That makes me so proud. INDEPENDENT BONES takes on the hard-fought rights of women in this country, so it’s a topic dear to my heart.

Now I’m off to work on a synopsis for the next Bones book. I will age another year, and Sarah Booth will age a month or so. The advantages that fictional characters have are inspiring!

Have a great time as the weather cools. Halloween is just around the corner. I can’t wait! The critters and I are working on our Halloween costumes. And I’m learning some incantations to deal with those who attempt to thwart my imperialist takeover of the world! Beware!

Here’s a bit of nostalgia from my early teen days. I love this song. Bittersweet. A Summer Song.

Until next month,
Carolyn & the Critters!


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