Trouble Speaks–Because I Let Him!

on September 9, 2020 Carolyn
Portrait of me, myself, and I.  The artist is the magnificent Franziska Franke.

Dear Reader,

Folks, I know you’re used to hearin’ from Carolyn in this newsletter, but right now you’ve got Jitty on the horn and I have news for you. The latest Trouble black cat mystery is ready for your consumption. And I do mean consumption as in indulgin’ in a feast, not that lung thing that took out Doc Holiday.

A WHISPER OF TROUBLE by horse woman Susan Y. Tanner is here. And it’s a wild adventure that follows a ring of horse thieves from Summer Valley Ranch in the good ol’ US of A to Italy and back. Tanner knows her stuff when it comes to horses and writing mysteries with a touch of romance. Here’s the gettin’ place— You can get it in print or digital.

[A Whisper of Trouble]A word here about Trouble, a black cat detective from Wetumpka, Alabama who was way too indulged as a kitty and allowed to watch Benedict Cumberbatch on TV as Sherlock Holmes. Trouble is the son of another famous black cat detective, Familiar, and with the training he picked up from his pa and Cumberbatch, he is one very fine sleuth. And like most critters, he’s smarter than the humans around him. And I must say, the British accent flavoring Trouble’s thoughts really perks me up.

The thing that gets under my skin about Trouble is his horde of willing scribes who write down his adventures. I am stuck with one—that Carolyn Haines, who needs to work a lot harder and write more about me and Sarah Booth and Zinnia. The Trouble Cat Mysteries is multi-author with the focus on mystery, a hint of romance, and one badass black cat. You can check out ALL the previous adventures right here: Trouble Cat Mysteries

[A Whisper of Trouble]

If you love mysteries with a hint of romance and a lot of sarcasm from a cat detective, then these books are for you. No better place to start (they are standalones) than with A WHISPER OF TROUBLE.

Stay safe, stay cool, and today I get to pick the music! Nobody beats Lightnin’ Hopkins with the Black Cat Blues! Click this: Black Cat Blues

Love to all,