Trouble in High Cotton

on February 26, 2019 Carolyn

Hanging out with the fairy queen, also known as my great-niece Jordan.

What would happen if two of my book worlds collided? Well, next week on March 4 you can find out! BONE-A-FIDE TROUBLE goes on sale—#9 in the Familiar Legacy series that features that Sherlockian wise-acre cat, Trouble. In this novel, the landscapes of Sarah Booth and Trouble brush against each other with what I hope is a fun, fun agri-thriller! The books are standalone and need not be read in order.

Trouble is hanging out at the Zinnia boutique hotel, the Prince Albert, with his humanoid, Tammy Lynn, for a booksellers’ gathering when Sarah Booth Delaney’s black cat sidekick, Pluto, contacts Trouble. The two black cats team up to find the missing Trudy Wells. Trudy belongs to Miss Vesta, a sexy little feline minx who happens to be Pluto’s heart throb. And Pluto will do anything to help his lady-love find her pet human.

Trouble and Pluto aren’t the only ones looking for Trudy. When her desperate sister, Tabitha Kingsley, shows up in Zinnia pretending to be a psychic-medium so she can infiltrate the Long family cotton business (where Trudy worked) sparks fly between Tabitha and Roger Long, heir to the family dynasty.

This is a Trouble book with the additional fun of some of the characters from Sarah Booth’s world. There’s a very surprise appearance in the end! I can’t say more or I’ll spoil it. For the Trouble series fans, we have an exciting year coming up. KaliOka Press will publish 4 more titles this year. Jen Talty’s TROUBLE’S WEDDING CAPER was published earlier this month!

For Sarah Booth fans, GAME OF BONES is available for pre-order. Release date is May 14. This is the 20th book in the series (and they need not be read in order either). And here’s a tidbit of good news I haven’t shared anywhere else—St. Martin’s Minotaur has offered another 3-book contract, which I gleefully accepted. Bones, bones, bones. There will be one in 2020 that I am writing now, and two in 2021 (another Christmas book! Yay!). So you can get your Bones fix for the next two years for sure.

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We also have some special prices on some of the books in the Trouble series, and if you haven’t tried us at all, we have a special price on A BOXFUL OF TROUBLE, which includes the first five full-priced novels all at once.


Trouble is a character I love writing about—just like his dad, Familiar. I wrote 22 books in this series as Caroline Burnes for Harlequin Intrigue. Because Trouble is a shared character (some of the writers and I got together to give him his winning personality and his penchant for all things Sherlock Holmes) readers get a chance to sample the talents of different writers with the knowledge that Trouble will always be the same. It’s a fun thing for us, as writers, to keep that consistent voice. Trouble is, after all, the star!

Please preorder BONE-A-FIDE TROUBLE and have some fun with our black cat sleuth and a cast of characters I hope will win your heart. And check out the other books—bargains abound, but only for a short time. The books return to full price April 1 (and that ain’t no joke!)

When I was writing this book, I kept thinking about an old country classic. Normally I post blues songs, but change is inevitable, as I learned this weekend getting rid of my swimming pool. Check out this terrific song: When Two Worlds Collide.

I said goodbye to my pool last week. It was drained and filled in with dirt. The dogs are like – where did the pool go? But they will adjust to its absence, as I will also.

When I was 16, I got a job as a DJ at a country music station, WRBE, in Lucedale. I was gut-wrenchingly shy, but we played the Top 40 list of country songs with some oldies thrown in and a few special programs like a gospel hour. I met some great music I might otherwise have missed.

Spring will be here—officially—when we meet again. From the critters and me—Adieu, until the bridal wreath and azaleas abound.

Carolyn and the Critters


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