Trick or Treat! Smell My Feet!

on October 27, 2020 Carolyn
Jitty's Jilted Hearts
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Dear Reader,

Do you know the whole Halloween rhyme? “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat.” Here’s a little silly video: Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet. Sorry, you guys know I love foolishness, and this was too cute to pass up.

I do love Halloween. I hate that COVID this year will spoil it for so many, but these are the times we live in. I won’t dress up this year, but I’ve already had my Halloween fun in Columbus, MS, where I celebrated the October release of my latest (#22) Sarah Booth Delaney mystery. This one is set at Christmas in the river town of Columbus, MS. The book went on sale October 13 and so far the reception has been terrific.

Because launch parties for books have been few and far between with COVID, I planned something special for this book—in Columbus, MS. With the help of many friends and Dean James (who writes the spectacular “Cat in the Stacks” series as Miranda James) we held a dual book signing hosted by Friendly City Books. The Columbus downtown merchants and the art center also helped sponsor the event.

[photos: water pistol duel]
The duel was a draw and we all got drenched. We will have to have a rematch!

[photos: water pistol duel]

Ed and Hope Harrington Oakes were willing accomplices in this crazy fun, and the whole thing was a crazy blast. Dean signed his latest book, CAT ME IF YOU CAN and I signed A GARLAND OF BONES. Once the signing was complete, we took to the streets for the duel! It’s a long story how this happened, but just know I was defending my honor! That’s a little bit of a stretch but it makes a good story, doesn’t it? It was all for fun and because we have been going COVID crazy.

The event was terrific fun, and I thank everyone who attended for their support. I am so lucky to have such good sports as friends—people who despite the fact that we should be grownups refuse to give in to the petty conventions of age! Enjoy the photos!

In book news, A GARLAND OF BONES is getting great reviews. The book is #22 in the Sarah Booth Delaney mystery series and is available at all bookstores and all online platform.

And please don’t forget about our Trouble Cat Mysteries anthology, YEAR-ROUND TROUBLE. The book features Trouble the black cat detective in each story, written by wonderful authors who have their own series, and each story is set at a different holiday. Dean James is the featured author for Halloween, and he has a charming, spooky tale which also features Charlie Harris and Diesel the cat. (Diesel and Trouble are quite the team!) The book is available as an e-book and as a paperback from Amazon or Ingram Spark (good news – your local library can order this book or any Trouble Cat Mystery book – you just have to request it! Libraries can order from Ingram).

[banner: Year-Round Trouble]

It’s been a very long summer, with tragic weather out West, in Louisiana, and in parts of Alabama and Florida. Fires and storms. The climate is changing, and I hope humans are ready for the challenge of doing what’s necessary to turn things around.

I’m working on a new Trouble book, TROUBLE RESTORED, set in Wetumpka, AL. And I haven’t forgotten Raissa and Reginald, but I have to find the time to write their next adventure. Don’t give up on them—or me. They’ll be back.

That’s all the news from Casa Carolyn. The critters and I wish you all a Happy Halloween and some lovely fall weather. Here’s a bit of nostalgia to celebrate the fall. My mother taught me this song for a grade school talent show. Don’t you know I was a scandal!

Here it is: Buffalo Gals. This is a little tidbit about the song that I saw in the comments: The song “Buffalo Gals” was written by John Hodges in 1844 and refers to the women who lived in the canal district in Buffalo NY. By the 1880’s, it was said that there were as many as 400 women “of easy virtue” (prostitutes) working in the Canal Street area of the City. Included in the district were 93 saloons, 15 concert-hall dives, and hundreds of dance-hall girls. The street was called “the wickedest street in the world.

Happy Halloween,


[photo: Attack Cat Video]
Click this picture and see the video I made!
[photo: Panty Hose Mask]
If you want to know what the heck is on my face, click this photo and the answer will appear.


Jitty's Jilted Hearts
Dear Jitty,I have been married for 12 years and something is bothering me. My mother-in-law takes candid photos of me and posts them to her Facebook account. She always chooses awkward shots of me to post (like me eating or lifting something, etc.)—with demeaning captions.. and her dumb friends post unflattering comments. She laughed it off when I expressed my frustration, telling me not to take life too seriously. She dismissively told me she’d stop but I caught her angling her cell phone camera in my direction. Such a lying bitch. I think she gets some sick pleasure in putting me down in front of her friends. (We have different political views). My husband agrees that what she does is wrong, but doesn’t want to get involved. I think I’m more pissed at my husband for being spineless by not sticking up for me. Anyway, I don’t want to consider divorce until my youngest is up and off to college. Question is.. Should I keep going on like this, or is there some kind of revenge or comeback or fix for me?Signed,
Angry Woman* * *Dear Angry Woman,Girl, bein’ angry without a plan of action is not worth a corn fritter fried in olive oil. (Gotta use Crisco or bacon grease if you want a real fritter.) Your MIL is one mean, passive-aggressive woman. In other words, you’re dealing with a bully. And yeah, I’d be makin’ plans to jettison that spineless amoeba you married. You want to plan an exit, and I understand. Sometimes, though, life demands action more than a plan.

I’m assuming as a modern woman you have a cell phone with a camera—then use it. And post those photos to YOUR social media along with some catty comments. The old sayin’, “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander” applies here. Give that hussy a taste of her own medicine and see how she likes it. And just smile like the Cheshire Cat and tell her how sensitive she is and how she needs a better sense of humor. Do it all with a smile.

Sometimes people need a hard lesson. Your MIL thinks she’s immune to retribution. Disabuse her of that foolish notion and let ‘er rip!


P.S. For everyone reading this, let me guide you honey chile. Get some advice by writing me at