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on December 31, 2019 Carolyn
Jitty's Jilted Hearts
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Dear Reader,

The book world is always busy at Christmas as writers hope that those with new Kindles and new reading budgets will pick their books for holiday gifts or for “self gifting!”—one of my favorite things! Or live dangerously and pick up a print copy of a good book at the local bookstore!

In keeping with holiday bargains, I have 3 books on sale right now, compliments of my publishers. But Alas, today is the very last day of the sales. December 31 marks the end. Grab them while you can! THE BOOK OF BELOVED and THE HOUSE OF MEMORY are .99 cents each. BONES OF A FEATHER is $2.99.

But never fear, there will be future sales—in fact, one starts tomorrow on BONEFIRE OF THE VANITIES! St. Martin’s has generously put the book on sale for $2.99. So grab it while you can and keep an eye open for more sales.

I am so proud that in only 2 weeks, YEAR-ROUND TROUBLE, a collection of 14 original Trouble, the black cat detective, stories will go on sale. Each writer took Trouble into their individual mystery world so the black cat could work his magic at catching villains along with the characters for each writer’s series. And each story is set at a different holiday, hence the title. Trouble finds trouble all year long! You can pre-order the book right now and gobble the stories all at once or read each story as the holiday it celebrates comes ’round the calendar.

[Year-Round Trouble]

Susan Y. Tanner, who is known for her Trouble books set in the horse world and also for western and Scottish romances, took the editing reins on this book and did a fabulous job. Herding writers is a lot harder than herding cats! So kudos to Susan, who is working on her 4th Trouble book, A WHISPER OF TROUBLE, which will be out this summer!

I’ve been finishing A GARLAND OF BONES for Christmas next year. This one is set in Columbus, MS and celebrates the holiday season with some wicked conduct by a cluster of women who make it a habit to go after husbands and fiancés. Naughty, naughty women. And I’ve put the finishing edits on THE DEVIL’S BONES, which will be out next May. It’s a whirlwind writing world for sure!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I judged a Christmas tree competition at the Bay St. Louis-Hancock County library. There were 52 incredible trees, and it was hard to pick winners. And after that I got into a little pig riding competition! Ha ha ha. And I took some really pretty photos of the Bay of St. Louis the next morning (yes, I survived the pig!)

So the year ends with a sigh. My friends have been through a lot of sickness this past year. Hopefully everyone is on the upswing. Each year I learn how very important friendships are. I hope you all celebrate the last of 2019 tonight with open hearts and good friends.

The critters at Casa Carolyn send you the best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2020. And here’s a wonderful ditty to bring in the New Year: Rod Stewart Auld Lang Syne Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance. Just so you know, Rod’s still got it!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year,



Jitty's Jilted Hearts

Dear Jitty,I am a 48-year-old lady who is completely in love with a man from another country. He is coming here on a K-1 visa so we can get married and be together. My fiancé is much younger than I am, and in his culture, having a genetic child is very important to carry on the family genes. I went to a fertility clinic and was told I have very few eggs. I tried asking my 30 year-old niece if she might donate her egg and carry the baby, but she refuses, even for cash. I lied to his mother about my fertility issues who said her son might take on another wife to produce an heir. My best friend says my fiancé will leave me after he gets his green card and no baby, and that thought really scares me. What should I do? Should I just ride the storm and hope it all works out? You got any eggs to donate to me, Jitty? My fiancé keeps reassuring me that everything will be okay but I don’t feel good.

Oldass Eggs


Dear Oldass Eggs,I gotta say, this is a no win situation for you. You’re building your marriage on a foundation of sand—a lie. I know it’s all the style in these modern times for people to lie, but I been around, and I can promise you the devil will have his due. I sympathize with your hope to “ride the storm,” but nothing good will come of this. Tell your fiancé the truth—before he ever steps foot in this country. No one likes to be deceived, and a lie of this magnitude is grounds to be left. He has a right to know what the future holds for him, just as you do.

If he knows the truth and you’ve only deceived your MIL (see, Jitty can learn new lingo) that’s another kettle of fish. Take it from Jitty, your fertility ain’t NONE of her concern. What matters is the house you and your love build. If he knows the chances of a child are slim to none and he accepts that to come to this country and marry you, he should abide by that vow. Just sayin’, though, you might want to write up a pre-nup that clearly defines what you have as yours, should the marriage go south. Jitty has a lot of questions—have you spent time together with this man or is this an Internet romance? Does he have job skills? Is he coming to America to build a life with you or to gain access to a different life? Many questions. Beware. Don’t rush into this marriage.

Also keep in mind that if you haven’t been completely honest with him, it’s highly likely that the reverse is true. A culture that values a wife as a child incubator makes Jitty’s eyebrows raise up to her hairline. Yeah, I want Sarah Booth to breed me a nice Delaney heir. Very true. But I’m not her husband—I’m just her haint. Me wantin’ that is a lot different than say, Coleman, lookin’ at my girl, first and foremost, as a baby factory. I’d have to do something…wicked if that were the case.

Love takes you as you are, imperfections and all. If he loves you, this won’t matter. Love transcends culture. If he doesn’t, avoid the crash and walk away now. The lesson here is to learn that you are enough. YOU are enough. If he can’t see that and honor it, maybe he isn’t the right man for you.

Older and wiser Jitty


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