My Favorite Holiday! Halloween

on October 29, 2019 Carolyn
Jitty's Jilted Hearts
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Dear Reader,

It’s impossible that Halloween is here again. I thought the long, hot summer would never end, and now time is rushing toward Thanksgiving. The elasticity of time fascinates me. When I was a little girl, I would often play with my schoolmates from 3-5 p.m. after school. I had to be home by 5 for dinner with my family. But in those two hours after school, we had adventures with fairies or played ball games or pretended to be cowgirls and live on a ranch. In that short span of time, we created universes. Now, two hours is a not even time to find my car keys! A month is hardly time to plan lunch. What happened to expanded time?

[photo: Scary Carolyn]

But it is Halloween and I’m excited. I was downtown at The Haunted Bookshop for the October Art Walk when loads of people dressed in costume. It was terrific to see all the creativity and imagination—and to sell copies of A Visitation of Angels, which is my new Pluto’s Snitch story. It’s .99 cents today and every penny will be donated to the Good Fortune Farm Refuge. If you haven’t tried any of these books and would like to sample a few chapters, I can do that! It’s magic! Just click on this: Free Sample. This story is a little dark, but not what I’d call scary. More of a thriller. But you’ll have to be the judge of that. If you’re interested in buying it, the link is here: A Visitation of Angels


We finally got some rain, and now we need some sun so the hay man can cut his fields and bring the hay to my barn for the winter. The horses are happy when the barn is full of hay. The dogs and cats are hanging tough. I have 4 older critters—Red, Lulu, Sorrow, and Scooter. Heartache lies down the road. But they are thrilled that so many people have bought A Visitation of Angels. The .99 cent sale ends in one week, so please spread the word to help the animals.

Now on to Halloween foolishness! Amanda Loftin and her book club met on Friday to discuss one of my darker books, Revenant. Can’t wait! And tomorrow, The Cosmopolitan Girls Book Club has invited me to their costume meeting—and they are reading The Darkling. Now that is a creepy book. And we are to dress as characters! I have my costume all ready and I’m hoping my great-niece will help with my makeup. I want to be tragically scary. Just pray the cops don’t pull me over while I’m driving to the party. I’ll have photos from the party in my next newsletter so beware!

In other books news, Trouble Most Faire is getting rave reviews for Jaden Terrell. It really is a fun black cat detective book. It’s a very clever mystery with a cast of characters you won’t soon forget. And remember, these are standalone mysteries—they don’t have to be read in order.


Susan Y. Tanner, one of the talented Trouble writers, has reissued one of her Highland romances. Susan is a wonderful writer, and her historical voice is just as powerful as her writing voice in the Trouble mystery books. I’m really glad to see this title come back into print. Here’s the buy link: Highland Captive


I’m working on the 2020 Christmas Bones book, A Garland of Bones. And I’m waiting on edits for The Devil’s Bones. It gets released on my birthday. The dark forces planned it this way. Lordy my life is filled with bones!

And just for Halloween here’s a female guitarist you should know—Samantha Fish. “I Put a Spell on You” is one of my favorites. If I have to be reincarnated, I’m coming back as Samantha Fish! And with that in mind—beware readers and friends! I’m dressing up for Halloween!

See you in November! Hugs from Carolyn and the Critters at Casa Carolyn




Jitty's Jilted Hearts

Dear Jitty,

My brother is dating a lady with a troubled life. She is a druggie, has been with men in exchange for drugs, and has also been incarcerated for attempting to kill my brother. Ever since she was released from jail, my brother has stupidly resumed his relationship with her. My extended family has no issues with inviting her and my brother to various gatherings, but I don’t want to participate. I’ve got two kids, a dog, and a husband to think about, and I do not wish to be in a room with someone who has murderess tendencies. A few people think I’m being dramatic with a stick up my butt for refusing to show up. Do you agree with them? If you don’t, what kind of comeback should I say?

– Safe at home

– – – – – – – – – –

Dear Safe at Home,

Your brother needs an intervention. Right away. You know I got a real fondness for men. And I want nothin’ more than for Sarah Booth and that fine Sheriff Coleman to have wild monkey sex and bring about the next generation of Delaneys. BUT—and this is a real big but—men can so easily be manipulated with hot sex. When the Little Head takes control, whoa, baby, bad decisions are comin’ down the pike. When a woman sells herself for drugs or money or favor or a title, she is a ho. Simple truth. And hos are professional sex workers. This woman has learned how to use her body to control men like your brother. Oldest trick in the world, and one of the most effective. Over the decades, I’ve seen this many, many times.

Your brother needs to wake up and smell the coffee because if his partner is still doin’ drugs, then he is endangering you, your family, his parents, his friends—anyone who comes in contact with this woman. If she knows where they live and she needs a fix bad ‘nough, she’ll rob them. She’ll rob him—and apparently try to harm him. There is no honor among thieves and druggie hos. Take that to the bank.

But there is something else to think on. If she’s stopped using drugs and is tryin’ to clean up her life, everyone deserves a second chance. We all got a sordid past, even ol’ Jitty. This is more work for you, but you need to determine if she’s clean and tryin’ or using and lyin’. If it’s the latter, you don’t have no “‘splainin'” to do to anyone. Steer clear of her and your brother until he wakes up.

Be fair—be firm,

Jitty the Wise

P.S. For everyone reading this, let me guide you honey chile. Get some advice by writing me at