COME ON, 2021

on December 29, 2020 Carolyn

Dear Reader,

Well, the Christmas holidays snuck up on me and disappeared without fanfare. I’ve made it 10 months without COVID, so the Haines clan just decided to let this holiday pass. We’ll make it up in 2021 when we’re vaccinated and safe.

I hope you all had/have a fabulous holiday, though, and I urge you to stay home and be safe for New Year’s. Soon, this will be behind us.

Sorrow and Scooter are my oldest dog and cat and they are enjoying a December snooze.


We’re running a special holiday sale on YEAR-ROUND TROUBLE, a collection of 14 original short mystery stories by a group of super talented authors. The sale price is $2.99 and ends Jan. 2, so grab it now.

INDEPENDENT BONES will be out in May. I’ve been reading proofs over the holidays and working on a synopsis for Bones 2022. Hard to believe.

We are living in a time of great change, and I’m hoping that compassion is the key word to the future. At least that’s what Jitty keeps telling me. And speaking of Jitty, she’s taken some time off to celebrate the holidays in the Great Beyond with Coker. She’ll be back next month with some pithy advice for those who seek it.

See you all in the new year—where hope springs eternal in the heart of a goober! But we should never forget the cost of 2021 in human lives and suffering. One of the world’s finest songwriters, John Prine, died from COVID this year. This is his last recorded song: John Prine’s Last Recorded Song


And the critters send you a 2021 request—if you have a place and physically can, please plant a tree. Any kind of tree. You can name it Dahlia and keep a little piece of Sarah Booth’s world in your very own yard. It will make the world a better place.

CH and the critters—mount up and “ride that pig” into 2021!