September 1, 2002

What Lies Beneath

The Road to Hidden Harbor by Anne Stuart
Twenty years ago, a talented and rising poet disappeared in the Maine woods. Now English professor Jodi Ferrell wants to write his story, and find out what really happened to Michael O’Flannery.

Remember Me by Joanna Wayne
Dr. Nathan Duncan is drawn to a mysterious patient he’s sure he’s met before. Running from her jealous husband, Jill Jacobs is determined to hide her true identity. But can she keep the man she once loved in the dark forever?

Primal Fear by Caroline Burnes
A body lands on the Florida shore. Another shark attack . . . or something else? Marine biologist Libby Phillips isn’t sure. What she does know is modern-day pirate — and suspect — Chad Watson is distracting her from her work in more ways than one.