The Legend Of Blackthorn ##2

May 1, 2003
Intrigue Paperback

Rider In The Mist

Aurelia Agee had come to Natchez, Mississippi, to claim her unexpected inheritance, the Blackthorn estate. But her arrival stirred up age-old hatreds that wouldn’t rest. Anonymous threats and eerie cries wouldn’t drive her away. Nor would the warnings of the mysterious and sensual Marcus McNeese, a man who confused her, intrigued her…and reminded her of the ghostly rider she had glimpsed one misty night.

With the headstrong heiress’s arrival, Marcus knew it was time to resurrect the “ghost” rider of Blackthorn, whom legend said protected the land and its heirs. He couldn’t afford entanglements, but Aurelia’s innocent passion fired his jaded heart. Something evil stalked Blackthorn…and as the townsfolk cried for blood, Marcus vowed to watch over Aurelia in the darkness….


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