October 11, 2012

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Fever Moon

Legends have always intrigued me, and I had the great good fortune of knowing Dianne Agee, a native of south Louisiana who told me about the Cajun werewolf, the loup garou. I wanted to write a book about the power of belief systems, and how they control how we grow—or don’t grow. If a person believes something, then it is real for them.

Raymond is a sheriff’s deputy in Iberia Parish, but he is also a man tormented by his war experience in Europe. He’s returned home with a serious injury and taken up the job of keeping the peace in a land recovering from the Great Depression and suffering from the shortages of World War II.

When Adele Hebert, sick and fevered, confessed to a brutal murder, Raymond doesn’t believe she’s guilty. And he sets out to prove her innocent. But people are frightened of Adele, frightened of the world around them which has become threatening. And they believe she is possessed by the spirit of a shape shifter that takes on the properties of a savage beast.

Raymond must find the real killer of Henri Bastion before Adele pays for a murder she didn’t commit.

FEVER MOON allowed me to explore a part of the world that I grew to love by reading James Lee Burke’s wonderful novels. It is a place rich in history and unique characters, a place of hard work and joyful play. I love this region of sugar cane fields, bayous, and zydeco.

While more Bones books are in the works, I hope to continue writing the “darker” books also. Who knows where a poke in the shadows will take me next.