A Fear Familiar Mystery

July 15, 2011
Intrigue eBook

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Familiar Christmas

Fear Familiar–Meet the coolest feline detective to ever take on mystery, mayhem and matchmaking!

Kidnapped by a sexy Santa!

Sylvie West had stopped believing in Christmas miracles. Then the sexiest Santa she’d ever seen took her captive–and demanded she help him save the holiday! One look in the mystery man’s seductive gaze, and her “no” changed to “maybe…”

When Hunter Semmes disguised himself to recover sabotaged Christmas toys, he didn’t plan on taking a tempting hostage! But now that Sylvie knew his secrets, he couldn’t let her go. With the help of a familiar black cat, he’d keep her close–for her own protection. But who would protect Hunter from Sylvie–and the miracle of love?