Fear Familiar #7

September 17, 2018

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Bewitching Familiar

TIME IS RUNNING OUT—for Abigail and Familiar. In the crush of current-day Washington traffic, Abigail West is struck a glancing blow by a car. The black cat that pushed her to safety isn’t so lucky. He’s injured and unconscious.

Abigail rushes to help the black cat—and her antique pendant swings free of her shawl. The world goes black, and Abigail awakens in 1692 Massachusetts. With her are Familiar the black cat detective and Samuel Truesdale, the man who hit her and in 1692 is sworn to prosecute witches.

If Abigail is convicted of practicing witchcraft, the hangman’s noose awaits her.

Familiar’s greatest challenge in mystery solving—and love—comes in a time travel adventure where Abigail is pitted against the man she grows to love in the midst of the tragic witch hysteria.