Bargains, Bones and Books for April!

on April 30, 2019 Carolyn

[Happy Mothers Day Sale!]

Jitty's Jilted Hearts

Dear Jitty,

How do you know if a loved one is happy in heaven? Are they able to send some sort of sign to their loved ones on earth so we know they’re okay?

Looking into the Void

Dear Void,

As a resident of the Great Beyond, I live in bliss 99.99 percent of the time. The human body is a transitory phase for us spiritual creatures. We incarnate to learn compassion and how to move from selfishness to selflessness. (It’s goin’ to take some people I know a LONG time to do that!) Once we return to our spiritual form, we no longer suffer in the ways of corporeal beings. That said, you should know that when you get your sassy little tail in a crack by misbehavin’, it does upset us. Our love doesn’t die with the physical body. We are aware.

Ask for a sign. Then open yourself to seein’ us when we come a’knockin’. We communicate in dreams, in a song on the radio, in a shadow that moves across the yard or floor, in the scent of wisteria on a spring breeze.

Always sendin’ messages of love,

Dear Jitty,

I have been recycling lovers over the past 2 decades. But lately they have started dying off. I’m recycling my 1st husband now, what do I do and where do I go if this one bites the dust?

Recycling queen

Dear Recycling Queen,

I am normally a champion of “repurposing” things, but I have to draw the line when it comes to men. If they didn’t work when they were younger and healthier, I’m not seein’ the advantage of tryin’ them again. Unless…you are named the beneficiary on the insurance policies. If that’s the case, then when they kick off, you’ll be in a better position to take care of yourself. Now that’s smart. I need to talk to Sarah Booth about insurance policies. Never too soon to get your affairs in order.

My advice is to find you a new man who isn’t half-used up! Someone who makes you laugh.

All best,

Dear Friend,

Life has gone crazy. There’s no other explanation for the churn of activities that has rushed in on the wings of Spring. Lots of exciting things are happening. The weather is beautiful and perfect—but only for a short while. Soon it will be humid and hot and deeply summer. I am just not a fan of hot and humid weather, yet I stay in Mobile. Crazy, huh? Don’t answer that!

This is the VERY LAST day for some really big book sales. BONES OF A FEATHER, a Sarah Booth Delaney mystery set in Natchez, Mississippi, is on sale for $2.99. Also THE BOOK OF BELOVED, THE HOUSE OF MEMORY, and THE SPECTER OF SEDUCTION (the first three Pluto’s Snitch books featuring Raissa James and Reginald Proctor as amateur detectives who solve cases with a supernatural twist in 1920 are all on sale for .99 cents each. The 4th Pluto’s Snitch will be out this fall.

[Bones of a Feather]
[Pluto's Snitch]

AND, drum roll please, GAME OF BONES, the 20th Sarah Booth Delaney mystery, will go on sale in two weeks. Only 14 days.

My book world is whirling and spinning with so much activity. And I’m in the throes of writing the 21st Sarah Booth book. This one is set in my hometown of Lucedale, Mississippi (or at least a fictional rendition of that town).

[Summer Snoops Unleashed]


Whew! And if that isn’t enough, I have a writer friend I want you to meet, Maria Grazia Swan. I met Maria in Phoenix several years back and I can report she’s a good egg. Maria has several series going, including the popular Baker Girls. We share a great love of animals, and she is helping to raise funds for several animal rescues with a boxed set of mysteries called SUMMER SNOOPS UNLEASHED—it’s a wild, fun collection.

I asked Maria to write a little note to you guys, and this is what she had to say:

“Hi, I’m Maria Grazia Swan, and I’m so thankful for this chance to introduce myself to Carolyn’s friends and readers. Like her, I’m an author and a devoted supporter of animals everywhere. Carolyn serves as a tremendous inspiration to me with her many accomplishments and her success in everything she does. I write mystery, suspense, and cozy and 90% of my books have dogs, cats and other pets in the mix. Today I’m here to ask a big favor, a ninety-nine pennies favor. No, not for me personally. A while back, me and thirteen other authors got together, each one of us wrote a brand new, never published before, adventure featuring dogs and cats. Then we bundled the books which are now on pre–sale for $.99. We will divide all the preorder royalties between three no kill rescues specializing in helping older pooches down on their luck. But remember the $.99 gets you fourteen books, not just mine. Pre order the bundle here: SUMMER SNOOPS UNLEASHED We all thank you, the authors, the volunteers who keep the shelters open, and the furry souls who are saved thanks to wonderful people like you. In case you want to know more about what I do, here’s my website, Don’t hesitate to reach out, I will reach back.
Mille grazie.
Maria Grazia Swan”

I’m very excited about this collection and the animals it will help. I count myself lucky in friends who care enough about the world and animals to work hard to help them. Consider that these authors all wrote an adventure (which takes a lot of time) and will take none of the proceeds from the sale of this collection. Every penny will go to the senior animals. So jump on this pre-order special sale price (the book will be released in July) and by the time summer gets here you’ll have some fun special reading in store. Do check out Maria’s website and books.

I hope to be out of my boot by May 2. Fingers crossed the tendon heals while I am resting it. The critters at Good Fortune Farm are all good. The spring weather makes even my oldest dog, Lulu, and my oldest cat, Scooter, feel like chickadees. It would be marvelous to take them for a walk in the woods—this boot has to go soon!

See you in May! Be sure and leave reviews for the books if you have time. It’s like giving a writer gold. Until then, it’s Spring and the world is alive, so “Shake, Rattle and Roll!”

Very truly yours,
Carolyn and the Critters


P.S. A new present awaits for one reader chosen at random: My Monthly Giveaway

[Lifetime Achievement Award]
I was deeply honored to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Alabama Library Association.

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